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Opening Speaker

NWMUN-Portland 2015 Opening Speaker:
Sevil Omer, World Vision
Sevil Omer of World Vision is an award-winning journalist, editor and writer with 15+ years of experience covering breaking news and crafting compelling original stories. She has served as acting communications director for World Vision International's Syria crisis regional response, based in Amman, Jordan and traveled to nations affected by Syria's war, including Lebanon, northern Iraq and Turkey. She hails from NBCNews.com (formerly msnbc.com) where she was a senior editor and online producer. Previous to her digital experience, Sevil forged a vision for interactive storytelling during her newspaper career in Nevada. She is a Detroit native, now living in the Seattle area. She joined World Vision two years ago.

For more information on Ms. Omer's writings, please visit the World Vision blog for posts she has written.

Ms. Omer will be speaking at NWMUN-Portland 2015 during Opening Ceremonies.